What Will the Neighbors Say?

Queen Anne is a neighborhood in Seattle known for its charming houses, beautiful views, and higher class establishments. Queen Anne is just minutes from Ballard, Fremont, and downtown Seattle. Seattle Pacific University is located on the north side of Queen Anne Hill and is no exception. SPU is a private, Christian school, and is just minutes away from these breathtaking views of Seattle and Mt. Rainier. Three years ago, SPU hosted Tent City 3, a homeless encampment of about 100 residents. In 2012, Tent City 3 was located on Wallace Field, SPU’s turf sporting field, and did not gain much attention from the Queen Anne community. This winter, however, SPU hosted Tent City 3 again, but this time Tent City 3 was located in the middle of campus. It was located right next to the Student Union Building on 3rd Avenue and Bertona Street. Because of this location, and the ambiguity or fear of homelessness, some Queen Anne neighbors and parents were concerned.

Kerry Sunset


The map above is of Queen Anne and the neighboring communities. Watch this video to see how to get to Tent City 3 from the neighboring communities of Ballard, Fremont, and Queen Anne.

Queen Anne historically is known as a place for the cultural elite to build their large homes. The typical demographic of Queen Anne are unmarried, higher socioeconomic, and racially homogenous. Queen Anne has many historic sites, including tugboats and some of the older houses. There are many schools in Queen Anne that SPU students will student-teach at throughout the academic year.

 bright cherry blossoms  brick house  big white house   aqua house   kerry park  marshall park

We asked Queen Anne residents to give us a pros and cons list of their thoughts of Tent City 3’s presence on the Seattle Pacific University campus in this short audio interview.

We then asked various residents of Queen Anne what they thought about Tent City being in their neighborhood. The reactions and thoughts were better than expected. Click here to hear what they had to say, especially if you are considering having a Tent City near you!

IMG_0357  IMG_7320 IMG_1751

In addition to interviewing the residents of Queen Anne, we wanted to interview residents of Tent City 3 on their perspective of what Queen Anne thinks of them. Will, a current resident of Tent City 3, has lived in the Queen Anne area for almost twenty years, and suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a car cycling in the Seattle neighborhood of Capital Hill. Will is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and is in his mid-to-late forties. Some of Will’s hobbies include playing the bass, guitar, and the keyboard.

Another TC3 resident, Daniel Green, or more commonly referred to as “DJ”, gave a great perspective of how he has been treated by the Queen Anne and SPU communities. DJ has only been in Tent City 3 for about four weeks now, and also had a mostly positive response to his time on campus. Click here to watch a short video interview with this interesting resident of Tent City.

Tent City 3 has been on SPU’s campus for about three months. On March 7th, SPU students and Queen Anne residents helped move the community to Shoreline Free Methodist Church in Shoreline, Washington. Shoreline is located twenty minutes North of SPU’s campus. For more information on how you can get involved in your neighborhood, please click here.



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